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Turn your Nook HD into a full Android tablet the safe and easy way!
Our Micro SD cards never affect the stock use of your device or void your warranty!  How cool is that?

Your 8GB Class 4 SanDisk Micro SD card will ship within 24 hours!

Nook HD

Nook HD+

Micro SD Cards to Choose!
Both on Jelly Bean 4.2!

Easy as 1-2-3…

…and totally safe!

Power off the device and insert the Micro SD card similar to as shown above.

Power on the device and
enjoy your new and
improved Android tablet!

Power off the device and push-and-release card to return to stock.

Two great products to choose from starting at only $25!

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From the the same makers who brought you
Root My Nook Tablet!

Same high quality product and customer service!